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1980 - Kevin Wylie had an idea to form a bowling club in the West Lakes area, after favourable meeting held in March and   June together with the support from the Woodville City Council, RSABA and West Lakes Ltd the club was formed. 

1981/1982 - with membership of 45 men and 44 ladies, West Lakes Bowling Club entered sides in the Pennant Competition games where played out of the Thebarton B.C. The Men winning the Div. 6 red competition and the Women winning the Div. 5 red competition. 

1984/1985 - the club house and 3 green were built at the current West Lakes Shore site have a "needs survey" was conducted on behalf of the SA Government.


1986/1987 - Clubhouse and 3 Santa Ana greens were officially opened. By the end of the year the Men had won 10 Pennants with the highest side gaining promotion to Div.1 Black, while the women had won 6 pennants and gain promotion to the Div. 1 Green. 

1993 - Hosted the 2nd World Amputee Lawn Bowls Championships.

2006 - The men and women club were successfully amalgamated. 

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