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Laws, Conditions of Play & Heat & Inclement Policy

Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Bowls Australia (BA), in consultation with the National Officiating Advisory Group (NOAG) and World Bowls (WB), has launched the latest edition of he Laws of the Sport (Crystal Mark Version 3.1).

Further information, including when the Laws of the Sport of Bowls are reviewed and a link to enable the downloading of the latest version (Crystal Mark version 3.1) can be found here

Conditions of Play

The MBA have released the conditions of play for the pennant season.


The Chair, Match and Program Committee has also advised that there have been significant changes for the coming season, mostly  arising from a recent President’s meeting and from results of the MBA survey with clubs.  Others are from Match & Program Committee deliberations related to the effects of COVID 19 on last season’s bowls and the potential for a similar disruption this season.  There has also been some relocation of Rules and rewording to improve structure.


The advice from the Chair, Match and Program Committee, listing the changes, can be found here.  A complete copy of the Metropolitan Pennant Conditions of Play can be found here.


Members are encouraged to become familiar with the changes and Conditions of Play.

Heat & Inclement Weather Policy

Bowls SA is conscious of its responsibility to provide direction to its Member Clubs and Associations in relation to the conduct of the game of bowls under extreme weather conditions such as heat and humidity, rain, hail, high winds and squalls, lightning and prolonged heat. 


As such Bowls SA has produced the Head and Inclement Weather Policy that applies to all clubs within the Metropolitan Area.

A copy of the Heat and Inclement Weather Policy can be found here.

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